I always interested in eating and reading about healthy food. However I’m not 100% healthy food eater. I do try to eat fruits, vegetables, meat, snacking on almonds, walnuts, drinking 6 glasses of water daily. But I still eat instant noodles and chips every now and then. I try to avoid food with MSG but I don’t mind eating a little bit of junk food. Recently I bought some kimchi and I quite like adding it to my lunch or dinner. At the moment I like the Korean brand Jongga and Australian brand Keep It Cleaner.

And starting from this year I added salads like spinach and rocket leaves onto my lunch or dinner. I like red lentils soup too as I read somewhere, lentils is good for iron and protein.

I also like to have dark chocolate (70%) daily by Lindt, Green & Black, Aldi Organic, Moser Roth. I like to have full cream greek yogurt in a smoothie with bananas and blueberries or strawberry or mango whichever in season.

Which superfood do you like ? And are they easy to buy or do you need to travel to get them? Did you eat them because they’re healthy foods or simply because you like them? What made you start consuming them?

©copyright 7/9/2021 written by YR

Telon oil for baby

Telon oil is known to relieve gassy tummy or colic, to provide warmth to the baby’s body after bath, to comfort them when they have colds or flu. There is no scientific evidence in this, however I have been using this oil since I was a baby myself. It smells like a mild Vicks Vaporub. It’s not too hot like Vicks and it’s not sticky. I like to use this during winter time for my toddler and myself. My friend bought this telon oil from Indonesia. Usually the international or asian grocery might stock them overseas

The ingredients are oleum cocos (coconut oil), oleum cajuputi (cajuputi oil), oleum anisi (anise oil). Just use about 5 drops and rub onto tummy, chest, back. They usually cost about $2 for 60 ml. It comes in 100 ml and 125 ml too. I like the Zwitsal brand. My friend also bought the Konicare brand. But there are many other brands and they’re usually similar quality.

Another lockdown

It’s the third lockdown in Victoria! Luckily it’s only 5 days. Thankfully it’s finished by tonight! I hope that people battling depression, people with babies, people with mental illness, people facing domestic violence, the elderly, the disabled, can cope with this repeating lockdowns. The first lockdown in 2020 was tough enough. I hope this one is the last one. I wished that the steps was taken earlier to prevent the spread. However, Mr Andrews is doing really good job in keeping the numbers of cases down by having lockdown and restrictions. The people are also doing a great job in following rules, thank goodness. Oh 2021, please be better than 2020. I really miss the beach and eating out.

homeschool or kindergarten

I have been contemplating whether to send my 2-year old to childcare and later on to kindergarten or homeschool until he’s 5 then send him to school when he starts primary school. Decision decision. I quite like Montessori education system but there are not many around. The ones near my area are just built this year and I’m not sure whether I wanted to send my son to a newly built centre. I quite like the staff but then, as anything new, the centre haven’t received ratings yet. Although I’m sure that they have a high standard on education materials and the choice of staff.

Homeschool is an option, however I would like some break from looking after an active toddler. The pandemic has made homeschool more popular as a lot of parents have stayed at home for at least 6 months if not more, during two lockdowns in March and July. Some parents unfortunately have lost their jobs and it’s just too expensive to send their children to childcare. The government is helping to pay some percentage of the childcare fee but if both parents are working and earning a certain amount of combined income, then I believe the subsidy will be reduced to zero. I might be wrong about this.

My friend suggested to try a lesson at Shichida but I find it’s quite expensive. I might book the trial class for half price. See whether my son likes the class or not.

Thanks for reading my writing. I just wanted to share my experience while looking for childcare/ kindergarten.

Payot Paris Nutricia Creme Confort

2 weeks ago I finally had a facial. After almost a year without proper facial in a salon due to Covid19 lockdown. And my skin felt rejuvenated. The facial lady used Payot. I have never used this product before. I have heard about it but I never tried it because I was afraid of allergies towards new products. She started the facial with a bubbly mask, yes I know it’s sound strange but that mask was frothing after she applied it on my face.

To cut this post short, she gave me samples. One of them is Nutricia Creme Confort. And I love it! It’s a day cream and it smells like soft floral perfume. And it’s so smooth on application. I will definitely go back to get the full size one. It’s very hydrating and nourishing for my dehydrated skin.

I wear it in the morning after I wash my face with Skinstitut aloe vera face wash. Then I used Kose toner (lotion). I know I shouldn’t mix products. But I still have Skinstitut and Kose. So I’ll have to wait before I can use this beautiful skincare range by Payot.

After lockdown 2.0

What to do when the lockdown ended? After two lockdowns, one in March and one in July, each lasted for 6 weeks, I was too comfortable at home and I can’t be bothered to cut my hair let alone to put on makeup. But I still put on makeup on weekends! I watched a lot of Netflix, YouTube ABC iview, SBS, and my son is addicted to the Wiggles and Teletubbies now.

I tried wearing my dresses at home but I felt silly. I have too many clothes and I haven’t got any events to go to. I was going to sell them but who’s going to buy them in this lockdown? I wished I had bought bags instead of clothes. It would have been better. I can wear bags anytime anywhere even when my body changes into bigger size after giving birth. Oh well… no point whinging. I guess I’ll see if there are girls who would buy my clothes.

My friend turned into baking and bread making. But I’m not interested in baking. I only like eating cakes and cookies. So those options are not for me. Knitting and gardening are also a good idea to spend the time but I’m not into knitting or gardening. I like drawing, reading books and magazines, and learning foreign languages. Maybe one day I can speak Korean or Mandarin after watching so many Kdrama on Netflix and Chinese drama on YouTube.

Two lockdowns have definitely brought me closer to my family and friends. Through online zoom, WhatsApp, emails, phone calls. It is a tough time but it’s also an interesting time and I am grateful that I still have family, friends and living in a good country. I’m just sharing my experience.


I live in very dry climate and I need a good moisturising lip balm. I usually use Kose lip balm or Lucas Pawpaw or Blistex. Recently my friend got me LanoLips for my birthday and I’m happy with it. It’s cheaper too compared to Clinique moisture surge lip treatment. Lanolips has choices of flavours like strawberry, peach, mint. They also sell Rose scent hand cream

Food, healthy and junk.

I like eating, both healthy and junk foods. I try to keep it balanced by having fruit and veggies daily. But sometimes I failed. I still consume sweets, some food with MSG like instant noodles, fried food, fizzy drinks. Not often, only once a week or even less than that.

I like to have plain breakfast like oats or toast or cereals with a glass of milk. Then I have a handful almond or walnuts or cashews or peanuts (or all of them) for snacks.

For my lunch I like to eat something savoury like fried chicken or fish and stir-fry veggies or some spicy curry or beef rendang with rice or sushi or fried rice or bibimbap. Then I have some fruits after lunch.

For afternoon snack I like to have some chips, like Kettle or Blackstone or Grain Waves or rice crackers or some spicy Bhuja mix. I love dark chocolates too especially Lindt, Green & Black, Aldi organic, basically anything 70% – 85% cocoa. I try to have Greek yogurt daily but I’m not keen on the taste so I usually have it in fruit smoothie, something sweet like banana or blueberry or strawberry or mango.

Dinner I usually keep it simple. Having a toddler means I don’t have much time for cooking. I’m lucky that my mum cooks well and when I come over, I get some food to take home. But when I don’t visit my parents, I just steam some frozen dumplings (the ones with no MSG) or my husband makes a pizza with a wrap as a base and plenty of mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, olives and sometimes kimchi or takeaway roast chicken from the supermarket with salads.

Sometimes I drink a cuppa tea in the afternoon. I like green tea, camomile, earl grey, peppermint. And plenty of water throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated. I think that’s all I eat and drink. I don’t drink wine much. Only when I go to party which I haven’t since the lockdown in March. I don’t like fizzy drinks much either. I only drink lemon lime bitter and sprite occasionally.

Skincare steps

I’m sure you’ve read it somewhere about the steps of skincare but I’m going to write it as a as anyway. I’ve read on the internet that some culture, eg: Korean use 10 steps of skin care, from cleanser to using sunscreen. I don’t have that much time daily so I usually just clean my face with foam cleanser, then lotion (in western cosmetics it’s usually called toner), day moisturiser, eye cream, sunscreen.

Which products do I use? Before covid19 lockdown, I had a facial and the lady is using Skinstitut. So I bought the gentle cleanser, micro exfoliant, hydrating mask. I only use the micro exfoliant twice a week as it needs 5-15 minutes. For the lotion, moisturiser, eye cream I’m using Kose Excellent. Sunscreen I quite like Neutrogena sheer because it’s not oily and not leaving white patches. I also like Saturday Skin eye cream for daytime because its light texture.

Postpartum confinement

You probably have heard or read somewhere about postpartum confinement but I’m going to write about it anyway.

In some Asian culture, postpartum confinement usually takes about 30-40 days. The mother is not allowed to go out to prevent catching a cold and to preserve her energy after loosing a lot of blood during giving birth.

Usually her mother or her mother in-law would make a special chicken soup with herbal or with ginseng or with a special wine for after birth. Some people would use black chicken.

Red dates tea is served daily instead of water. Washing hair is not recommended. Warm clothes despite summer weather and postpartum belt is worn. Massage oil to keep skin supple. And many other rules that I might don’t know.

These days due to busy schedule, a lot of mothers don’t have the time to cook or they don’t have the family/ relatives to help them. They can just buy the soup packs from asian grocery or online. My sister bought this after birth pack of soups and tea from a mother baby exhibition called zi jin tang. It’s quite practical because our mother only had to put in some meat or vegetables.

Fenugreek tablets is also good for increasing the production of breastmilk. But always check with doctors before taking any supplements or any herbal soup.

I hope this post is helpful for expecting mothers.